Frequently asked questions

Is the fender an overlay or a replacement?

  • Most fenders are overlays mounted directly on top of the original fender. We also carry replacement fenders

Are your saddlebags already pre-drilled?

  • That option is optional. Please let us know if you want the parts to be pre-drilled. That service requires 1 week additional. 

Does the stock Harley hardware fit with our saddlebag kits?

  • Yes the stock hardware will fit with our kits. We also sell mounting hardware for Softail bikes.

Do your fairings come with mounting hardware?

  • Most fairings come with mounting hardware. 

How long does it take to ship?

  • We carry most parts in stock and we usually ship the next day. It can take up to 20-30  business days to ship a part that is not in stock. 

Do your saddlebag kits come with mounting hardware?

  • No, none of our kits come with hardware but your stock Harley hardware will work. We also carry hardware for Harley Softail.

Do you need to prep the parts before mounting?

  •  Yes, all of our parts need some prep work before mounting. This includes primer, sanding and painting.

Will a detachable back rest and luggage rack fit with kit?"

  • Yes these add-ons are compatible with our parts but you may need to trim the fender for proper installation. 

Does the original seat fit with your fenders?

  •  Yes your original Harley hardware and parts are compatible with our aftermarket parts

 Are spacers required in order to properly mount your saddlebags and fender kits?

  •  No, if your bike is within the years specified on our listings you will not need spacers. Spacers might be needed for older year bikes. 

I just purchased a headlight stereo fairing, are the windshield and the hardware included in the kit?

  • Yes they are 

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